Herbal Elixirs, Liqueurs, and Spirit Based Beverages

Due to the special and unique properties of alcohol, it has been used for thousands of years as a medium for the preparation of healing mixtures.

Alcohol has incredible absorbing properties and is able to dissolve both water and oil based compounds. A hundred years ago the only healing compounds that existed were from natural sources, from plants and animals. In addition to extracting compounds from within the plant and animal cell walls into the alcohol itself, the sterilization properties of alcohol meant that the extracted compounds could be stored without fear of petrification or spoilage - when a specific percent alcohol is maintained. The first documented use of alcohol and herbs as a healing elixir is attributed to Pliny the Older who mixed wine with wormwood and honey 2100 years ago.

We use old recipes for Doctors, Pharmacists, Chemists from the 1700-1800's, the Golden Age of elixir/liqueur experimentation and production. Healers in the form of medical doctors and pharmacists were looking to create the magical healing beverage that would cure everything. You must remember during this period of time normal people didn't know microorganisms like bacteria existed and were the cause of disease and illness. The idea of bacteria causing illness was at first scoffed at by the elders in the profession, like every new idea that challenges or is at odds with what is considered “common knowledge”. The original reason for consuming spirit based beverages mixed with herbs has historically always been for improving one's health. This is why in many cultures around the world, the words “For Your Health” are spoken before consumption of an alcoholic beverage.

The popularity of healing alcoholic beverages can been seed in words used in the English language today, like “patent medicine” or “snake oil salesmen”, these words entered the English language due to the popularity of healing alcoholic beverages and non-scrupulous people trying to make a quickbuck on their popularity.

Our goal is to remind people about the historical healing function of herbal alcoholic beverages and to bring to market the highest quality spirit based drinks handmade from healing herbs based on historical recipes for healing elixirs.

We produce specially labeled and bottled products exclusively for specific customers, as well as offering our own brands and bottles.

Our Brands:
  • Jesenická Bylinná 40%
  • Domašovská Hořká 38%
  • Vanilka 20%
Exclusive brands:
  • Priessnitzova Horka
  • Karlova Studanka Bylinna & Horka
  • Prague Horka
  • Zlatychlumecky Liker


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