Our mission: High quality handmade liqueurs from 100% natural ingredients with untreated mountain spring water from our underground spring.

Our company was founded in 1991, 2 years after the fall of Communism, by Martin Sebor with the name “Sdruzeni pro vyrobu a odbyt likerka s.r.o.”, locally known as Likerka Krasna Lipa. Since 1992 we have oriented on the handmade production of herbal liqueurs and alcoholic drinks with one simple goal: to produce the highest quality herbal alcoholic beverages using the cleanest spirit, water and herbs. Our products are exported around the entire world and are enjoyed by those, who understand quality and can distinguish the difference between a handmade herbal elixir and an industrially mass-produced product made by machines using artificial colours, flavours, concentrates and stabilizers.

Bairnsfather distillery - likérka Domašov, Jeseníky We live our logo: Create Your Own Reality. As in: if you don't have the strength to create your own reality, you are forced to live in the one imposed upon you by others. For example, we produce absinth without the destructive process of distillation. We do not distill our macerate, we filter it, just like you do when you make tea or coffee. Do you distill your tea or coffee? Of course not, it would result in an inferior product, just like the distillation of the absinth macerate results in an inferior product, which is why we refuse to distill our macerate.

We don't distill our macerate because we want to produce a superior absinth product. Distillation by its own definition involves two changes in the basic molecular state of the alcohol, and the flavour and healing compounds in the macerate: liquid to gas, and gas to liquid. These two changes in the physical state of the macerate guarantee the destruction of essential flavour and healing compounds released by the herbs into the macerate, these molecules are violently torn apart when they change from liquid to gas and are then rejoined missing key parts that didn't survive the changes in the state of matter, or whose vaporization temperature is greater than that of alcohol, because these molecules will not be passed on to the distillate because they vaporize at a temperature higher than alcohol. For many this is radical heresy because we go against the orthodoxy of the Swiss-French golden era production methods. It makes many people angry, for the simple reason that it (distillation is destructive) is correct and true.

Maybe you will read propaganda against our non-destructive 100% natural absinth making process, and yet on the other hand there are companies that claim to be us, but they are con men and criminals. There exists only one company, which continues the production of Martin Sebor (1955-2003), and that is us: Bairnsfather Family Distillery s.r.o.


Please read our website and hopefully you will learn some new things leading to a better understanding about the lies and propaganda spread by the producers of lower quality products, who try by means of false information to present a fake reality, in order to prevent YOU from

Creating Your Own Reality

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